How do I participate?


All you need to do is to fill in the questionnaire. If there are any talents that you would like to share or to  learn a skill that are not in the list, feel free to write them down in the designated parts of the questionnaire. The more you tell about yourself, the easier it will be to find a learning partner for you.

I filled in the questionnaire. What now?


Now our job starts . Using data analysis and a little bit of friendly magic we are going to find the best learning partner for you. We will contact you by email or phone (if you gave it in the questionnaire). Please, be patient because it may take a couple of days.

What are my responsibilities in the Project?


As a participant of the Project you will be expected to have regular meetings with your learning partner(s) with intention of spending time together and sharing knowledge and talents. You can determine  the frequency of the meetings together with your learning partner, depending on your possibilities.

I am not sure if I can dedicate a long time to the Project. Can I still participate?


One of the aims of the Project is to form long-lasting connections between older and younger participants. However, we welcome everybody to participate and you can still leave your application even if you are not planning on long-lasting participation.

I have read the list of areas of interest and skills and my talents and interests are not on the list.


It is impossible to list every single talent people have so we tried to keep the list short but broad. If you have something to add, you are more than welcome to write it down in the open questions of the questionnaire or under remarks.

I do not think I have talents that I could share with others


This is not true! You only have to discover your own talents. Every person is unique in his knowledge and experience. Sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly. Try to ask your friends what do they think are you strong sides – and you will find a lot of new and nice things about yourself. LeuveNet also proposes some get-together activities such as reading and puzzles that do not need special preparation.

I have read the list of talents and areas of interest and have not found anything I would like to learn


Why don’t you propose in a free question area? We will ask around. Or maybe a learning partner with the searched skill has not inscribed yet – but they definitely will do soon!

It has been a week since my inscription and I have not heard back yet. What do I do?


If you haven’t heard back from us after several days, please contact us at the official email of the Projects at LeuveNet@gmail.com

What else do I need to know about project?


If you want to know more about the LeuveNet and the UNIV Congress, you can read it *here* and *here*. Now you are completely prepared for the journey! Join up and enjoy educational conversations and good company.

How can I help the Project?


Right now, our aim is to make the project more known around Leuven. So if you like our idea, please tell about LeuveNet to your friends. Also if you know any old people who do not live in an elderly house but would be interested in being a part of the Project, tell them about us! and tell us about them!

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